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“Picking a special judges award is hard. . .ultimately I settled on a campaign I felt was truly unique. Over my career I’ve worked a lot in the healthcare space. . .this campaign really stood out to me because it spoke in a way that people speak.
It’s rare in the public health space to get the message across that way, it was really entertaining, it was informative, and I don’t think there’s anything more you can ask for as a marketer.”

2022 Pele Advertising - WINNER - Special Judges Award 


Niu Health is an Urgent Care startup with a mission to provide $10/month, membership-based healthcare to the people of Hawaii by offsetting their costs with advertising in a digital waiting room. In addition to general advertising content they tasked us with creating original content they could showcase to position themselves as an expert in the medical space locally.


We conceptualized and produced an online series to reach local people in communities at high risk for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and other preventable ailments. 
"Braddah 2 Braddah" features two local comedians discussing these medical issues in a conversational format. The high engagement with this content via social media created brand awareness for NIU Health in Hawaii, and allowed us to retarget those who had watched the episodes with direct conversion marketing for NIU Health memberships.



500,000+ total views of 3 episodes online and thousands of confirmed conversions for NIU Health.

Dave Hanneken
Partner / Executive Creative Director
at Hoffman York

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