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We are all familiar with the too-serious attorney making his earnest pitch on TV. Nothing engaging or informative about it. So how do you make the mundane, must-see?



The dry wit of an attorney with decades of experience doesn’t always translate to episodic video content. But ask him to answer legal questions featuring comedic scenarios and the content comes alive. Add animated reenactments of these scenarios and entertainment value increases exponentially. 


We called this episodic series “Ask an Attorney” and the content is ultimately educational in nature, establishing Klein Law Group as an expert in their industry. Plus you actually want to watch.


We solicited category specific (property damage, estates & trusts, elder abuse etc.) questions from Oahu residents for each episode. By narrowing our targeting per campaign category, we ran these ads across Klein Law social media platforms to the most valuable leads.

Using the same category specificity for our Google Adwords campaigns yielded a massive increase in attention and engagement, including client lead form conversions on a daily basis.


Robert Klein
Former Hawaii Supreme Court Justice

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