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Hawaii Longline Association


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Hawaii’s longline fishermen are often the subject of negative, one-sided news reports. They needed a proactive way to communicate the irreplaceable role they play in Hawaii’s food supply chain.


Starting with positive messaging, we created a short-form documentary series called “Hooked”. The series focused on telling the stories of the fishermen, vendors and workers who make the supply chain work. These human stories were targeted to relevant audiences on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and gave HLA an authentic voice they used to control their own narrative.

In order to maintain brand continuity we redesigned the HLA website with updated layout, color choices, and imagery.


Integrated with the redesigned site is a crew member back end which features crew tests, certifications, and tutorial videos accessible in English, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Indonesian. We created every element of the site and continue to update the testing modules as new certifications requirements become available.

We established accounts for HLA across the social media landscape and created a downloadable “Longliner Poke Recipes” ebook in exchange for contact information from Hawaii residents. This contact information was used to distribute new Hooked episodes or communicate important industry developments to the public. 

The "Hooked" series also received a year-long run on Hawaiian Airlines in-flight entertainment; where locals and tourists alike could learn more about the importance of Hawaii's longline fishing industry to the global food supply chain.



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